LoReTo - Loss Reserving Tool

The assessment of loss reserves is a core assignment of actuaries. With the introduction of Solvency II in January 2016 the importance and complexity of this task has increased enormously.

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LoReTo (Loss Reserving Tool) enables primary insurers to analyze and assess their loss reserves by using a proportional software approach. The system is entirely based on Excel™, offers an intuitive usage and a high transparency in the analysis of the reserve quality. At the same time a broad variety of possible operations meets the demands of the new regulatory regime. 


  • Intuitive usage and process-oriented structure
  • Parallel analysis of payment and expenses triangles
  • Assessment of the quality of reserves with modern actuarial processes (Chain Ladder, Additive Chain-Ladder, Bornhuetter-Ferguson, Cape Cod)
  • Flexible modelling of trailing for Longtail-Sections using a process of regression (Exponential, Weibull, power, Inv. Power)
  • Stochastic reservation using a distribution approach (via Mack Standard error)
  • Determination of discounted reservations of expected value and future cash-flows according to requirements of the Solvency II standard model
  • Option to connect to intern processes such as the determination of the margin of risk